Sophos, Art Leather Journal, OOAK Brown Leather Journal with Recycled Vintage Leather and Old Style Paper, One of a Kind Notebook


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Sophos = The Wise One

Sometimes I let myself inspired by the materials I work with, the wonderful leather texture, the sounds the paper makes when it is hand torn and folded, and my hands, without asking me, start to stitch together, engrave, paint, adding and removing, carving, sewing.. then one moment I realize the journal is ready and it’s like I see it for the first time.
Some other times, the concept of a book starts long before I touch any materials, and grows in my mind, day by day until one day it’s finished, and all I need to do is find the materials that match my vision and using traditional methods, I make it come true. Funny thing, this creative process, how each journal has its own way of appearing into this world.

For this journal, I recycled leather parts from an old beloved bag and integrated it into the design. It has a lot of character and goes beautiful together with the leather of the cover. I gave it a vintage patina to match the overall look of the journal. I added a vintage style ribbon featuring black roses.

Its pages are hand dyed to make them look old and weathered. pages: 216, counting both sides, hand torn (deckled edges) paper: vintage style paper, medium thickness (120 gsm) size: 5.3×7 in (13.5×18 cm) closing system: snap button. A journal for the wise.