Journal, Rustic Cottage Brown Leather Journal, Notebook with Thick Old Style Paper, Vintage Stained Pages


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I love to make from new materials something that looks all weathered and vintage, inside and out. This leather is special. On the outside it is a beautiful rich chocolate brown, on the inside it is a warm ocher. I distressed the leather cover to give it this weathered look. Each page was tea-stained to give it the look of old books.

The paper is thick, 160gsm so you can write in any media or draw in it. Each page is hand torn so they have beautiful distressed edges. It closes with a brown leather belt and an antiqued brass buckle. The pages are sewn onto the cover traditionally with medieval longstitch method, using strong thread.

It has 168 pages (counting both sides) and is 7.5 x 5.3 in (19×13 cm).