custom leather journal, personalized text script notebook, vintage style diary in brown cover and old aged paper


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YOUR OWN TEXT, poem, quotes, handwritten in a vintage style script on the cover of this notebook.
I’d love to make your perfect one of a kind journal. You can choose a poem, your own text or a passage from a book you love, whatever inspires you!
During checkout, there will be a box where you can write me the text you choose, or just send me a message.

This journal is made from the best materials.
Like all my journals, it is entirely handmade from the tearing of the paper, measuring, folding, cutting, puncturing, sewing, designing, painting, and so on.
The back side of the cover is left uncovered to reveal the natural suede. A leather strap wraps around the journal keeping it tight. The leather hue may vary a bit depending on the stock.
It will make a wonderful gift for a friend that appreciates original handmade things and hand writing.
It has 280 pages (counting both sides), vintage style hand torn paper, suitable for writing your thoughts and great ideas.
It’s bound with the longstitch technique using strong thread.
Its size is 7 x 5 in (18×12.5 cm)
I’m sure it will inspire you 🙂

* text must be in English
* check your text’s length here:
* if you include quotes around your text, they will be visible on the journal as well.
* I do not correct grammar mistakes, if you made any, as they may be a poetic license.
* long poetry lines will be split in half, and written on two lines, if there is not enough space on one line; short lines may be concatenated together if needed, like, if the text has too many lines (I can fit maximum 20 lines, including blank lines)
Thank you 🙂