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The Memento Mori Book is meant for someone equally special. The writing on the spine translates to: Everything passes with death, death is the ultimate limit of all things – it is a phrase used in relation to the Memento Mori concept – remember that you are a mortal and with Vanitas – a reminder of the ephemeral character of things we gather through life. Though a dark subject, the realization of these concepts is freeing and allows one to Carpe Diem – live for the moment and enjoy each passing day.

An impressive black leather journal, suitable for a thinker and lover of peculiar things. As it is a large leather journal you can use it as a notebook or, if you are an artist, as a huge sketchbook for your drawings. It will be the central piece of your interesting collection and certainly a conversation starter.

The Book is sewn in the traditional medieval technique of hollow spine binding and has a beautiful relief just like antique books do.
Its hardcover is covered in genuine black leather, high quality, made in Italy.

It is filled with a luxury vintage paper design that resembles antique parchment paper found in medieval manuscripts. This beautiful paper made in England is acid free and works well for writing and sketching, the journal would work nice as a sketchbook. Each page is hand torn so they have beautiful distressed edges. It is filled with latent inspiration that awaits awakening under your creative hands.

The end pages are also special. They are made in France using the traditional marbling technique. Please note they may be a different pattern and color in your book, but same quality.

The cover and the spine are handpainted entirely by hand and are inspired by 16th century engravings. The border and title of the book are tooled into the leather.

This large black leather journal was entirely handmade in the Medievaljourney leather workshop.

Size: A4
lots of pages: 440 pages (220 sheets).
quite heavy: 4.5 lb (2 kg)