Leather Journal, Blank Book, Natural Leather, Tooled Decoration, Windows


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Product Description

This is a special, one of a kind binding. It is an experiment of bookbinding making use of the spacial geometry and giving a tri-dimensional effect to a book cover. The journal is bound in natural leather, not dyed but slightly aged with patina by me. This has been applied over this bookbinders boards from which square shapes has been cut out. When the journal is closed the endpapers can be seen through this windows. The beauty of it is that when it’s open, the cover allows to see through it, outside, whether the sky or the wood of the table, or anything else. On the overall the binding features beautiful chromatic harmonies, earthy tones such as the cream of the covers, the light brown of the patina and the red brown of the endpapers. It resembles a medieval book and has a clean elegant look. The decoration was tooled into the leather. It is very detailed and looks almost like lace, made of small elements stamped one at the time into the leather using hand finishing tools. The book measures 7.5 x 9.5 inches (24.5 x 19 cm). It has 104 pages (208 sides) of artist quality, Fabriano paper. The paper is beige, slightly textured, hand torn and thick, it has 250 gsm (for comparison, photocopy paper has 90 gsm). It is acid free, perfect for writing and sketching in any media, even watercolor. The binding is longstitch, made with natural linen thread. The endpages are made of beautiful decorative paper, brass color with a black flower pattern. The headbands were sewn by hand, from black and brown linen thread. This book is a one of a kind art object. I hope you will love it once you’ll meet it.