Brown Leather Journal / Large Blank Book, Tooled Decoration – The Mystery Book


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This book is made of antiqued leather with beautiful tones varying from light to dark brown. I designed it to have a old aspect, to look like a mysterious tome from a shelf of an old library. The decoration I chose for the cover is very detailed and with a sober classic aspect, matching the overall aged look of this book. It was made by tooling the leather with heated tools, each element at the time.

The book measures 10.2 x 7.5 inches (26 x 19 cm). It has 100 pages (200 sides) of artist quality paper. This is light warm color Fabriano paper, hand torn, thick (200 gsm) and will work for both writing and sketching in any media, including watercolor. The edges of the bookblock have been toned in a light brown to better fit the overall aged look of this tome.

The end pages are made of hand marbled paper with brown, white and green veins. The headbands are handsewn from brown and black threads and make a beautiful model at the tale and head of the journal.

This notebook is an art object. It would make a beautiful addition to any collection and any library. I hope you will enjoy filling it!