Vintage Key Necklace, Quatrefoil Fancy Bow Old Key Pendant, Delicate and Feminine


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This is one of a kind lovely necklace. The pendant is made out of a delightful fancy bow vintage key that was most certainly a key of a forgotten wooden box of treasures. If the box parted with the key locked or open, we will never know.
I love the simplicity of this little iron key, I think it is perfect for this elegant and romantic necklace. This could be the kind of necklace Jane Austen’s characters could wear.
Being all silvery, would look great on white, black, or dark colors.

~ lenght of the chain: 32 in
~ lenght of the key: 1,1/2 in
(the bottom of the key stands about 3 inches above the navel)

It comes in a vintage style box, ready for gift giving 🙂