Countess Fiona Art Doll


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Fiona is lovely lady from high society.
Though one could say she always had everything she ever wanted, she likes to dream that life can be more interesting than this.
Her husband, the Count over indulges her, and her family is known as the best ball organizers in the town.
She secretly wishes she would be an actress and sometimes, when she’s all alone, she plays characters of the novels she reads.

Fiona is entirely handmade, no molds were used. Her body (head, torso and hands) are made of polymer clay. The torso is mounted on a stand made of wood and aluminum. It is not a toy and it is meant for display. Her clothes are hand sewn and they are not removable.
The eyes are glass blown in Germany.
She is 45 cm (17.7 inches) tall.
She comes in a lovely box, great for offering as a gift.
I’m glad you met Fiona, she certainly enjoys meeting interesting people!


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