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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you ship from?

We are based in Europe, more specifically in Romania and Portugal, so some items from your order may come from Portugal and some from Romania, depending where we are at the time of your purchase. For most items you will get combined shipping prices, no matter where they are coming from.

Where do you find the vintage stuff?

Most of my items come from vintage fairs, antique markets, estate sales, garage sales, auctions and private collections. I then restore the to their former beauty, preserving the time patina that tells the story of their history.

Do you have tracking numbers?

We send our items with registered mail which does have tracking but not all countries track it, some may track it the whole way, some not at all, some inaccurate. Each country has their own system and so we can't guarantee you'll be able to track your package. However, the service we use is very safe and the package will reach you in a timely manner even if there's no tracking data available for your country.

What happens if I don’t receive my item?

We use a very reliable service, and our packages safely arrive to their destination.
Of course if there would be a misplaced package, we will investigate and work with you to find or replace / refund your order. We have a great customer service!

Are your products one of a kind?

Most of them are, because, with vintage, is hard to find keys of the same kind, and with the handmade items we just like variety as I am sure you do too! Plus, the limited supplies of a certain kind makes it difficult to replicate an object. However, we have a few designs that we remake, as they are our best sellers.

Are the vintage keys and padlocks genuine old or modern replicas?

Yes, we only stock genuine vintage goodies, no replicas here!

Do you take custom orders?

Out time is very limited and a lot of our supplies are one of a kind, so we usually don't take custom orders.
But you can ask about personalization of a certain product you like and we'll start from there if it's possible for us to personalize it for you!
Or just give us a message with a journal you'd like to see in our shop and if it will be made, we'll give you a heads up!

Will I pay custom fees in my country for a package from you?

Usually no. But you are responsible to know the rules within your own country, as each country has its own rules.

How much does shipping costs?

Shipping costs varies with the products you selected and your location. Estimated shipping costs will be visible in your cart, after you add the products you want. Once you register / log in and input your address, you will be able to see the accurate shipping costs of your parcel.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Once you place an order, we will dispatch it within a few days tops, unless it's a custom work.
From there, shipping usually takes about a week within Europe, and two-three weeks in the rest of the world.

Are the journals refillable?

No, we believe our journals are objects people want to cherish for years and years to come, they are little works of art that are completed once they are filled. The pages are sewn / mounted onto the cover, so they are very sturdy and will pass the test of time!

Is the leather cover of the journals genuine leather?

Yes, we only use high quality top grain leather, mostly tanned in Italy.
If it says leather. that's what it is, not pleather or other weird stuff 🙂

Do you ship worldwide?

Yep, we do! Our customers are from all over the world, we had orders from almost all continents (we still have to conquer Antarctica!) Most of our customers are from US, Canada, Australia and England.