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You probably seen this leather before… used for messenger bags, belts or camp boots. It is an awesome leather, heavy duty, very nice to work with. I just love it, it is one of my favorite types of leather: the rugged masculine look, its sturdiness, its smoothΒ  surface. This leather is called crazy horse πŸ™‚ I’ve heard other funny names, like crazy leather or mad dog. It is also called Apache or saddle leather. But, in truth, it is the ol’ good cow leather.

Let me tell you a little bit about it. It is known for its durability, they say it will last a lifetime. I haven’t lived a lifetime yet so I can’t say I tested it myself πŸ™‚ So I’ll update this blog post in about 70 years from now and will let you know (stay tuned!)

journal with monogram
This leather is also known for the beautiful vintage look, the two tones that it makes where it is folded or was recently bent. I say recently, because after a while the leather returns to its uniform look. And when you bend it again, it will change its appearance again. It is a fun leather, I tell you, maybe I wouldn’t call it crazy… that’s a bit much, but it does have an interesting personality. It will easily pick up more nicks and scratches but they will vanish if you just rub it with your fingers. If it is often bent on one direction, it will keep that wrinkle and so in time the object made out of it will get a beautiful antique, worn, rustic look.

Large Leather Journal
The superpowers of the crazy horse leather come from the way it was treated:
First, the premium cattle leather is buffed – the leather surface is sanded with a very fine sandpaper, so that it’s natural grain is evened out and it gets a velvety surface. At that point the leather is called nubuck (think of a peach surface, or the finest powdery suede) Then some special oils are added, and a special wax on top – everything is special!

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I hope you enjoyed the story of the crazy horse.
Have you ever owned something made of this type of leather?
Is it me or does this fellow needs a teeth cleaning?



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