Vintage Fair FindsThis is the pray I carried home from the fair! It may not seem a lot but there are treasures within! There are a bunch of stamps (I am a regular for the sellers in the vintage fair that sell old stamps, they even wait for me at the fair saying: Here, I saved these for you ’cause I knew you’d come) also two lovely keys from late 1800’s or beginning of 1900’s.

Also these pretty playing cards:

Cards DeckThe playing cards are so beautifully made, I mean, look of the details of each queen, jack and king! I love them! A little piece of art in each one. And the costumes… I think I will use these as ex-libris, on the front page of some small leather journals.

I wonder which people played with these cards, if some lost money or some became richer 🙂

785px-Fröhliche_Gesellschaft_c1850A social game using playing cards. Oil painting by an unknown artist, c1850, source: Wikipedia

Vintage Photo

I also buy a lot of vintage photos, usually separate pictures, but these were in an album and they were all interesting so we will remake the weathered cover of this album and restore its former glory.There are fancy ladies, some with gloves, some with pearls, some with really elegant hats. And as usual, they had lots and lots of kids, that, apparently had no mood for posing 🙂 Look at those faces LOL



And last, but not least, a little brass thimble. It was a bargain! That’s why I love the vintage fair 🙂 When you look up close to it, you can see a detailed little icon. It has some writings on it as well but it is so tiny that I haven’t decipher it yet.

Religious Thimble Brass Thimble

That’s all for today, I am pretty happy with my finds!
If you know a similar thimble, I’d love to see some photos, I haven’t seen anything like this before!


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Ilonka has an eye for finding the most interesting treasures for us to use in our work, to collect and sell in our shop. She’s in love with everything vintage and doesn’t miss a fair day, like, ever! Ilonka is an artist and her designs are mostly one of a kind art books. That’s because she’s got too many ideas and too little time.

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