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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year… the romantic season of hot teas, spices, writing letters and romantic walks in the sound of rusting leaves. The time when you curl up in your bed with a hot cocoa and a good book. Autumn is a time to appreciate the sound of the rain when you are warming up inside with an apple pie. The season when you become nostalgic, when you rediscover analogue things like a vinyl record or a beautiful pen that begs to be put to a good use. You can reflect on your day, scribbling in your diary or write to a pen pal.

Inspired by the fall, I created a few romantic leather journals to convey these beautiful feelings this season stirred up in me.

leather journals inspired by the fall that will become appreciated romantic gifts

What is your favorite little thing you can’t wait to do when fall comes, is it getting out your favorite cold weather sweater, making thanksgiving gifts or making your special signature dish? Are you a romantic like me or do you just want all the wet-and-cold weather to go away asap?