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Preserving leaves may seem like a primary school task for you but for me, these last few days was my no.1 goal, my struggle, my creative endeavor, veeery serious business…

I know, I know. Eeeveryone is so excited about the upcoming winter season. Flooding images with snowflakes raindeers and Christmas shopping. I’ll get there too, I’m sure of it, cause I love holidays too, but. I feel we let this autumn slip by too fast, didn’t admired the leaves for long enough, fall has its own beauty. Therefore I wanted to make the most of the colorful autumn and somehow preserving leaves and embedding them into my projects.

I started gathering leaves, and the saying goes, “anything worth doing is worth overdoing” ๐Ÿ™‚

So there I was, with my tub filled with leaves, all kinds, all shapes, all beautiful colors. I couldn’t use them all before they’d wrinkle so I searched the internet on preserving leaves in a way that they would not go dry and stiff. Turns out, the answer is glycerin.

Glycerin is a very interesting substance – it is created when soap is made from fat and lye interaction, it is oily but it’s more of an alcohol, mixes with water, has a sweet taste and it’s used in alimentary industry, and attracts water – it is this hydrophilic quality that makes it preserve the leaves cause it keeps the water in them, as it does for your skin when in used as a cosmetic ingredient.

The difference?


Instead of having my leaves go wrinkled and crooked, they remained colorful and bendable. I mixed my glycerin with water but to be honest I haven’t measured anything. I guess it was about 1 part of pure glycerin to 4 parts water or so. Shooorrry for not giving you a clear recipe, when I have the “experimenting rush” there’s just no time for such unessential details ๐Ÿ˜€ I keep my treated leaves in a zip bag so that they can keep their moisture. I am not yet sure for how long they will keep so bright and flexible but they are unchanged for almost 1 week now.

So if you wanna experiment too, go ahead an choose some pretty leaves, it’s a fun project that you can do with your kid, a friend, or your creative self – depending on what you have on hand ๐Ÿ˜€