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Christmas is coming soon and you have no idea how to impress your man. You ran out of all the romantic ideas, all the useful ideas, all the funny ideas. Now what? You know your gift has to be special and different from the other gifts he’ll receive, if others can get away with a general gift, well, you can’t. If you’re special for him, your Christmas gift has to be pretty darn interesting as well. So, what to do when you ran out of Christmas gift ideas for your man? I’m gonna try and give you a hand, because you are my beloved blog reader therefore you fully deserve my help.

So, here’s a little idea list I made for you

✓ Unique? check! Some of these items are handmade by talented artists and artisans, others are rare vintage finds, in any case, that ensures your gift is not a supermarket mainstream item he could be seeing at another colleague.

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✓ Trendy? Check! So if you got a cool man that enjoys fashion, has a sense of style and enjoys socializing, you could get him this stylish minimalist silver ring.  Also, who knew men can pull it off wearing a necklace? This original twig necklace is the absolute latest trend for men, and quite an awesome one I’d say.

✓ Practical? Check! Another gift idea you might like is this hat that is so cool even those rebels that usually refuse to wear a hat even in cold weather would enjoy it! If you’re aiming for a useful yet chic present, you could get him this practical and modern hip bag – it is made from waxed canvas so it will take a beating without any problem whatsoever, not to mention the cool design.

✓ Smart? Check! But what if your guy is more of a thinker and introvert? Don’t fret, as I’ve dig around for you, searching and discovering something for each lovely Adam out there. What would make him feel more appreciated than seeing that you appreciate his mind and thoughts, gifting him with this fabulous leather journal to write his ideas down? Your beloved will feel like a star writing in this vintage style book that belongs in a great thinker’s personal library.

✓ Playful? Check! If your man is a collector that values his home, sanctuary, man cave – here are some decorative gifts he would appreciate: a vintage padlock – still working!, to give him a sense of privacy – yes ladies, he too has the right to privacy! *shock*

✓ Elegant? Check! Is he a guy that values punctuality? Aren’t they all? pfff! I’ll never fully understand men. Here’s a beautiful wall clock to celebrate his peculiarity – made from vintage parts, with a steampunk design twist.

✓ Traditional? Check! And last but not least, this classic collectable item, made out of solid massive brass – an antique mortar and pestle – they don’t do things like this anymore nowadays. Its design is quite minimalist though so it would make a cool decoration in a modern environment. He might even use it as a mechanical grinder for spices – because let’s face it – men have their unique way of cooking, when they finally do.

I hope you like my finds, let me know which one of these seems to be the best choice for your man!