Little Magic Book, Miniature Journal, Brown Vintage Leather with Gold Decoration

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Product Description

This mysterious little journal was made of brown leather recovered from an old Portuguese handbag. It is thick and in very good condition. It has a strong antiqued look and patina, and was decorated with golden decorative motifs that were hot tooled onto the leather.

The book measures 2.8 x 3.2 inches (7×8 cm). It has 120 pages (240 sides) of hand thorn, aged parchment paper. Acid free, 90 gsm weight, this paper beautifully combines color and texture to give the perfect natural earthy background for your writing. It will hold any type of ink so it works great for calligraphy and writing in wet and dry media.

The spine was designed to resemble a real book cover; The relief was obtained with strips of leather underneath the one that covers it. It is decorated with leather paints. The end pages are made of French decorative paper, green color with an antique gold motif.

This journal is an art object. You can use it as a pocket notebook for ideas and quotes or as a secret tiny diary, either way, you will definitely love it once you’ll meet it.